Daily Archives: December 29, 2020

Is It the Right Time To Invest In a Property in India?

Demonetization raised many brows and many possible paths for the future of the Indian real estate. Some Gurus of the realty market think that the prices of the properties will go down with the cash flow becoming critical in the market. Some people think that the prices will be stable since the price of the affordable sector has already surfaced. The future is to be seen but based on the present marketing conditions, the following are the reasons why one should invest in the real estate of India today.

1. The prices are negotiable

The primary real estate is mostly bought on the home loans, so there would be less impact on it but some things would change definitely. Those builders who do not accept the cash and do not get involved in any black money transaction would also be forced to sell their projects at the lesser prices to keep up with the present marketing conditions. If they sell at the old prices, they may lose the sales to the competitors.

2. Transparency is increasing

Indian real estate is moving to a better transparency. The Real Estate Act is set to regulate the market and all the project information and the related documents are to be digitised. The state is given the responsibility to formulate their rules and start implementing them soon. There would be no gaps between the things promised and delivered. Any land disputes or the grievances of the buyers would also be solved in lesser time.

3. Simplified taxes

GST is one more masterstroke at the right time. The Indian tax structure is a bit complicated and there are many direct and indirect taxes that needs to be paid by the seller. When the taxes to be paid decreases, the benefit is translated to the buyer. The cost of the construction materials would decrease and the affordable housing would be available at the further lesser price.

4. Resale market opens up for Salaried buyers

The resale or the secondary market has been for the affluent people who can pay the upfront cash for buying the property. The unaccounted cash has been disposed of in the resale market. The buyer gets to convert the black money into white and the property price appreciation fetches a further profit. So, the resale market has been on the top of the list for the black money holders. Now that cash is disappearing from the transactions, the salaried people could also get hold of the resale property at the much lesser prices compared to the primary property. Maybe the secondary market also offers the option to pay via loan and the buyers get the best deal out of it.

5. Home loans can become easier

The Indian banks are gaining the money fast. With the huge volume of money being deposited by the residents, the interest rates are supposed to come down and the banks will offer the home loans at much easier terms. This opens up a window of opportunity for the middle-class buyers who depend on the loans to buy their first home. This is probably a positive push to the PM’s vision of ‘Housing for all by 2022’.

The current situation marks the dawn of the new era for the Indian real estate. Now is the best time to invest in a property in India..