Apartment for Rent in Edmonton – Two Simple Tips for You

Most people come to Edmonton for business or political purposes. One of the things to consider when you come to Edmonton is accommodation; in fact the problem is not the difficulty of finding temporary shelter, but how to choose the best one among the hundreds of residences provided.

Choosing temporary shelter during dealings with several clients and business partners is not easy. Although there are many decent dwellings in this city, you still need a guide to rent a place to stay. There are many residences to choose from, whether you want a luxury home, a condominium or apartments in Edmonton. Depending on your budget, you can choose any accommodation according to the needs in this city.

If the apartment is your first choice, then it is the perfect decision. Renting an apartment is a recommended residence when you come to a city abroad for business, politics or education. The apartment can be a second home because it provides various facilities like your own home, such as internet connection, laundry service, secure parking location, refrigerator, in-room storage, laminate flooring, landscaping property, stove, window coverings, pet friendly, department store, public transit, etc. There are two ways when people come to Edmonton to rent the best apartment; they are to go to an online directory and local realtor or agent.

There are several online directories that provide listings of apartments in Edmonton or other region like apartments in regina. This directory will help all tenants, whether they are business people, politicians, or students. This service provides an opportunity for all people to get a reasonable offer. Each tenant can see the appearance of the apartment in a transparent manner through detail pictures and videos. The directory home page also displays important information such as, facilities, rental rates, location, rental incentives, and property information. Apartments in Edmonton and Regina also provide special services for students affected by Covid-19. Students who leave and are unsure of moving their furniture because of the uncertainty of Covid-19, they will get storage services for the short term.

If you don’t have time hunting apartments for rent through cyberspace, then you can work with a local real estate agent or realtor. Local agents are highly recommended because they understand the true condition of the location around the apartment. The services of local agents are very useful so that you don’t bother to make choices as needed. For example, you are a new student, and then you can ask how far the apartment is from the university. If the distance is too far, then you can ask for recommendations about the closest apartment to the campus. The agent will give you a solution quickly because they have an updated list of apartments for rent. Tenants from outside Edmonton will feel the extraordinary benefits from the agents because the rental rules for property in each country are different. The agent will also be responsible until you get the appropriate apartment. So, where do we get reliable agent data? There are many sources, but the most recommended is through the agent’s email list.

5 Features Your Luxury Home Should Have

For those with a larger budget to spend on their property, investing in a luxury home can be a highly attractive option. Featuring amenities that other properties simply do not have, living in one of these houses or condos can provide an unbeatable level of peace, comfort and total indulgence.

When looking for a property that fits the “luxury” label, however, there are some specific features and qualities that you should look out for. These will ensure that you get the most out of your budget and find a home that you will love spending time in.

Firstly, any home with a “luxury” tag should come with great views; this is non-negotiable. Although many regular properties will have nice views of parks, gardens or even the sea or a lake, many also find themselves vi’s-à-vis neighbouring properties, busy roads, car parks and other not-so-pleasant scenery.

It goes without saying, therefore, that if you are paying a premium for luxury homes, there should be a vista to match. Many property developers will ensure that this is part of your package, with every building in the luxury property designed for extensive views over a variety of scenic areas – without looking into your neighbours’ windows.

A second feature that all luxury homes should have is easy access to local amenities. Again, the luxury label should mean that you are getting the best of everything, and this is why these condos or houses come at a premium. Do not settle, therefore, on a so-called luxury property which is inconvenient for you in any way, shape or form.

It is indeed possible to find these kinds of properties in downtown areas, near major parks, near quality schools and universities and within easy reach of public transport. When you are searching for top-of-the-range property, you should expect that what you are investing in is prime real estate in one of the best and most convenient areas of town.

Thirdly, your new home should offer you an excellent level of security. This can be in the form of an integrated security system throughout the property, or even a manned security post in the building, in order to ensure that residents feel safe and protected at all times. Security should not only extend to the condos or house, however.

If you have a vehicle, ensure that the luxury homes you are looking at offer secure – and preferably underground or enclosed – parking, as this will offer optimal protection of your vehicles. As luxury properties are potentially a target for crime, high levels of security are essential.

A fourth thing that you should demand from your home is all the latest and highest quality fittings, including triple-glazed windows, electrics, plumbing, heating and insulation. If you are splurging on buying your new home, the last thing you want is to end up spending on fixing faulty wiring or heating in a property that always seems to be cold.

As well as the looks of your home, it should also be highly functional. Make sure that the property developer has put everything in place so you can enjoy an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience in your new condo or house.

Lastly, all luxury homes should come with an exceptional standard of finish, whether this is in tiling,painting, parquet flooring, bathroom and kitchen furnishings or light fittings. For a property to truly deserve its luxury label, property developers should not have skimped in any of these areas, instead only choosing the most gorgeous and highly functional fittings.

When thinking of buying such a home, check with the property developer or seller who designed the home, which fittings were chosen and why, and where they were bought from. In new builds, you may also have the opportunity to add your own selection of finishes during construction, which is certainly one alternative way of getting a luxury finish that you are sure to love.

All You Need to Know About Luxury Homes

When we talk about luxury homes, what strikes our mind? Lavishness, magnificent, grandeur and of course pricey. Owning a luxury home is not just a status symbol, it’s about enjoying the comforts of one’s life you could think of at your own space called home. Often the term “Luxury Homes” in India is used to lure people into buying projects that are of course not so luxurious. Offering just more than the basic amenities does not come under the term luxury. Luxury homes have a whole lot of special features that highly distinguishes itself from other properties. So before you fall into the trap of the real estate agents, suggest you look into some of the major features that highly speak of luxury and luxurious homes.


This is the very first thing that defines a home luxurious. For a housing property to be termed as luxurious it should be at least a 3BHK with attached washrooms and balconies. Ample of space is required to accommodate life’s luxurious amenities. So a huge hall, a lavish dining space, and an expansive kitchen form an integral part of the entire luxury property definition. Don’t forget to look for an attached servant’s room to the residential unit you are looking to add as a luxurious property to your status.


Believe it or not, location does play a very important role in defining how luxurious your property is. Look for a location that has good connectivity, is marked as safe, is riot and crime free zone, has excellent infrastructure around the property in terms of wider roads, less traffic, more greenery, highly clean etc.

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Luxurious homes are also about beautiful ceiling art and accessories. For the ceiling to hold lavish chandeliers and lights, the height of the floor to ceiling should be more to accommodate the luxuries. For a home to be termed as luxurious, it should meet the standard floor-to-ceiling height i.e. 12 feet or more. Agree or not, if this criterion is not meet then your property does not fall under the luxury tag.


Big and spacious elevators with good carrying capacity is an added feature of a luxurious property.


In today’s not so safe and unstable environment, one must consider making your home as much secured and safe as possible. See whether the property offers inbuilt and enhanced state-of-the-art modern security facilities pre-installed in the house. The house should also be guarded with human guards around the clock with cameras and other surveillance units installed at every corner of the property for enhanced security.

The above-mentioned points are some of the key features of a luxury home. So, the next time you go to look for a luxury home, keep these features in mind so that you are clearly not tricked by the agent to buy a mediocre property in the name of luxury amenities.

With the rise in the economy and exponential growth of wealth among the people, demand for luxurious houses and properties is on the rise. So to fare well in this competitive market, real estate developers are constantly innovating in the architecture and incorporating high-end technologies and innovations to build projects that are capable of attracting niche buyers. Thus the market for such luxurious houses is expected to grow further in the year 2017.

Choosing the Right Movers and Packers Service

Moving house might be experienced by everyone at some time. This condition can also be experienced at this time, if you experience it now, then be prepared to face a tiring, depressed, and consuming a lot of productive time. There are some important things when moving house, they are unpacking, packing, and delivering. These three variables will become very complicated problems if you do it yourself, but through the movers and packers company in maintenance services in dubai everything will be simpler.

Actually, movers and packers are services that help every homeowner in the process of moving and packaging. This service will help to unload all household items, package them, and send them. You do not need to arrange a vehicle for transporting goods to a new destination, and you also do not need to disassemble and place it in a new home. All the work is handled; professionals have operational standards to do this work until the client feels satisfied. Don’t let complicated problems get more complicated; let experts turn complexity into fun work.

There are many maintenance companies that provide movers and packers services, you can find the best on the internet. But finding the right company, economical, reliable and truly professional is also a big job. Moreover, the situation forces you to immediately move house. This might increase the burden on your mind, right? Well, the following tips and guidelines will help you to find a maintenance service company that is moving right for your house moving.

First of all maybe you can make a list of maintenance service companies. Ask your friends, relatives, colleagues, coworkers and neighbors to help you make a list of companies. You can also make a list with an internet search or click on maintenance services in dubai to narrow the search and time effectiveness.

The cost of movers and packers service depends on a number of things such as the size and number of household items, distance, etc. Well, you can use the company’s sites to get an estimated cost, this service is usually free. Get estimates from at least three or four movers and packers services. Let the maintenance company agent do the estimation directly to your home. In essence, the agent must come to your house and check all household items one by one. The biggest mistake of homeowners is that they often contact the company by telephone; this is clearly the wrong way because the estimation results are definitely not accurate. Compare some of the estimates that are already in your hand, don’t forget to look at the quality of service and maybe discounts.

As a prospective client, you have the right to ask various things about movers and packers service to the provider company. Besides estimation, other important things that need to be asked, such as experience of companies in the field of movers and packers, company licenses, company registration, and even discounts that you will get. Don’t forget to ask about security and damage guarantees to your household items. Remember, a good company will be happy to tell you anything even if in the end you decide not to use the service.

Lots of Apartment Options – Great Opportunities to Live in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the cosmopolitan cities in Asia that offers many luxury residences for condominium or apartment lovers. There are many residences offered by Bangkok to its visitors, although Thai law prohibits foreigners from owning land in Thailand but there are no restrictions on buying apartments in Bangkok. You can buy or rent one of the best residences in the city through mandarin oriental residences to enjoy amazing vacation or even retire. 

Apartments in Bangkok are a great place to invest and stay several months. The atmosphere presented makes everyone feel welcome. Each tenant can enjoy the beauty of Bangkok from a height at night or welcome you when you wake up in the morning. Not only that, there are many luxurious facilities that can be enjoyed while staying in an apartment such as a jacuzzi, secure parking, swimming pool, fitness, garden for BBQ parties, lobby, sky lounge, classy living room, special bedroom, wide flat screen, personal bathroom, and the most special is the large room that will free you from the crowds. You can bring children, wife, parents and other relatives to enjoy a vacation and stay in Bangkok.

If your investment or vacation plan is Thailand, then Bangkok is the most appropriate city to live or ordain capital for investment. Doing research online has always been the best way to get decent housing, because all property and real estate companies must have websites to sell all their properties. This method is also suitable for those of you who are busy with work in the office. Another possible way is to work with professional real estate brokers. They will direct you to an apartment that suits your needs and budget.

Important factors that must be considered when buying or renting an apartment in Bangkok are budget and need. Both variables will help you make the right decision, and then you can proceed to the most appropriate apartment. You can do an online comparison to find the most appropriate property; you can access several websites of real estate and property companies. Look at the rental rates and facilities offered. By making comparisons between various apartments in Bangkok, you can choose the property according to your needs. Don’t worry about not getting a suitable apartment in Bangkok, because all companies have their own website at the moment, this site will help each client to get all the information needed such as the type of residence available, facilities offered, rates applicable in certain areas, etc.  

Real estate and property company services in Bangkok help each client in their search. If you are interested in an apartment or condominium in this city then the best way is to access https://asherproperty.co.th/. The site offers various luxury apartments and condos complete with important information. One of the worthy apartments for you is mandarin oriental residences. This apartment is located in Charoen Nakhon and has 146 residences. With so many residences offered every tenant or buyer has a great opportunity to live in Bangkok.

Not only mandarin oriental residences that offer hundreds of luxurious residences. You can also find the most suitable for families in other apartments such as Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, The Ritz Carlton Residences Bangkok, Banyan Tree Residence Riverside, Magnolias Waterfront Residences, etc. Each apartment has tens to hundreds of residences, so there is no reason not to get a residence in this cosmopolitan city.

Home Healthy – How To Make it?

Most people believe that the healthiest place in their city is their home. Yes, that is not necessarily true. Research shows that the air circulating in your home is not clean from harmful germs and viruses. The air you breathe in your home may contain dust and toxins which increase the risk of causing respiratory problems such as Asthma.

Most Homes use heating and cooling systems for different seasons of the year to achieve the desirable level of comfort. And we know comfort comes at a price, huge energy bills. And in order to bring down the energy consumption, most people normally keep their rooms air-tight. It certainly helps in reducing the bill but what it deprives you of is fresher air. We go to a lot of places like Malls, hospitals or public places wearing shoes and sandals.

Your footwear comes in contact with minute dust particles that carry harmful bacteria which are a potential threat to your health. The risk would be breathing issues. And if you enter your home with these on, then you are inviting problems. So it is important to leave your footwears outside your home.

Normally we apply dry cleaning on our garments and take them back soon. But here there is something that has to be noted. In the dry cleaning process, these clothes are soaked in strong chemicals which are very harmful. It is learnt that some of these chemicals contribute to neurological damage and cancer risks.

These chemicals come in contact with our bodies during breathing or might be transmitted onto our skin. Therefore it is very important to make sure that the garments are dry before taking them home. Also it is considered wise to use advanced, non-toxic, ecological dry cleaning techniques to safeguard ourselves.

Most importantly, proper ventilation is a must. It is essential to have fresh air circulating in your home. Keep the windows of your home all day and night, will result in you breathing stale air all the time. Smoke & fumes from the kitchen and steam from your shower will find a place inside your home, like on the wall causing molds to form. If you breathe them in, then you are sure to get sick.

Therefore, allow circulation to take place in & out of your house by keeping the windows open & allow these harmful elements to escape. Thus by keeping your home clean and fresh, you are keeping yourself healthy.

Renting Long Term Property in Marbella for Fabulous Vacation

If you don’t have a long term vacation plan at the moment, then I strongly recommend taking a vacation package in Marbella, Spain. I am not forcing you to travel to Marbella, but if you miss the beauty of the various tourist spots offered, maybe you will be one of the disappointed people at this time. If you are interested in traveling to this city, it is better planned for one or two months. Vacationing in Marbella will not satisfy you for just a few days, because there are many interesting tourist locations that will fulfill your desires. If you want sea view then you can go to Playa de la Fontainilla or Playa de la Bajadilla. Marbella also offers educational tours such as Casa Antiguo that showcases stunning visuals and ancient architecture, or you can go to the Museum of Spanish Contemporary Engraving or the Rali Museum to fulfill your artistic passion. In essence, Marbella is the best city to fill your holiday with loved ones or your partner.

The tourism industry in Marbella has been growing rapidly until now. Millions of tourists come to this city for a vacation every year; there is no doubt for them to spend a vacation for several months in this city. Apart from beautiful and educational tourist spots there are many hotels for rent in beautiful beach resorts. If you are not interested in a hotel as a place to stay for a vacation, you can replace it with other luxury properties for Long term renting in Marbella such as villas, apartments, or townhouses. This is one reason why Marbella has always been a luxury tourist destination for wealthy people who don’t care about their pockets when spending money in Marbella during holidays.

There are many property agencies that can be contacted if you want Long term renting in Marbella. Most tourists prefer apartments, villas, or townhouses to spend a vacation while in Marbella, because renting these properties is more privacy with a variety of special amenities such as swimming pools, living rooms, kitchens, private bathrooms, bedrooms, and the most amazing is the beauty of Marbella which can be enjoyed since waking up, from the terrace, you can immediately enjoy the amazing view; the blue expanse of the calm Mediterranean Sea, the typical Andalusian buildings along the coast and the green mountains. Marbella is known for its beautiful beaches and panoramic golf courses. In the peak holiday season which generally occurs during the summer in July-August, Marbella is flooded with tourists from various countries. If you want to be a part of them, prepare yourself financially and physically. Then, please specify the property that suits your needs at https://marbellalongtermrentals.com.

The holiday property in Marbella has beautiful sea views from all angles. When someone comes here to Long term renting in Marbella, he doesn’t want to go back to his old life. Therefore, take advantage of the convenience of renting property in Marbella right now, you can access the agency’s website or come to their office to find more information.

Way to Sell Non-Distressed Luxury Homes

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), one in five homes in the US will sell through auctions in the next five years. Most of us think: auction? Isn’t the auction just to sell foreclosures and other depressed property? Not necessarily. In recent years, a new trend has emerged: selling and buying upscale non-depressed property through luxury property auctions.

What is an auction? Simply put, auction is a method of offering goods and services for sell through the bidding process. Auctioning involves taking bids and selling the property usually to the highest bidder.

Today, the most commonly used type of auction is Open Ascending Auction, also known as English Auction. In this type of auction, participants openly bid against each other by putting higher bids and highest bidder wins the auction. That’s when the famous gavel falls and the auctioneer announces: Sold!

There are two basic types of auctions: Reserve Action and Absolute Auction. Under the Reserved Auction, the seller will establish a minimum price (disclosed or undisclosed) for which the property must sell in order for the auction to be valid. If the highest bid does not reach that price, the auction is void. On the other hand, the Absolute Auction has no minimum price (Reserve), which needs to be met.

Why luxury auctions? Properly marketed and executed luxury actions have several advantages for the sellers:

  • Property sells for the highest market price, typically within 60-90 days
  • Price can exceed the price of a traditionally negotiated sale
  • Auctions generate more competition and interest among qualified buyers
  • Property is sold “as is” with no contingencies and with high certainty of closing
  • Auctions significantly reduce sellers’ expenses (carrying costs, price reductions, and opportunity cost).

However, sellers are not the only beneficiaries of auctions. There are several distinctive benefits for the buyers as well:

  • Bidders (buyers) set their own purchase price
  • They compete fairly and openly on the same terms with other buyers
  • No need for lengthy price negotiation process
  • Buyers know that the seller is committed to sell
  • Buyers can review property’s Due Diligence Package before the auction

In most parts of the U.S., the luxury residential real estate market (properties over $1M) is struggling. While low and moderately priced homes are selling relatively quickly nowadays, the high-end properties can linger on the market for many months and sometimes even years.

The sellers of luxury properties are faced with substantial carrying costs, price reductions, and opportunity cost, which can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Recently, I have previewed a luxury home in one of San Diego’s most luxurious coastal communities. The sellers had lost over $1M in carrying costs and price reductions since the property was listed for sale almost two years ago,

Compare that to a luxury property auction, which typically sells a property for the highest market value within 60-90 days. How do the sellers know that their property had sold for the highest market value? They know because correctly marketed luxury auctions generate the highest number of qualified buyers and ultimately the buyers, not the sellers (or their agents), determine the market value of any property.

So, what’s the “secret sauce” of the luxury auctions? For the luxury auction to be successful, it must be properly marketed by a company which specializes in that type of auction. We live in a global economy where goods and services are sold across the country borders, and high-end real estate is no exception. The most successful luxury auctions, involve extensive and well executed marketing campaigns, often with both domestic and global outreach.

As a result, it is not uncommon that luxury auction open houses will attract 150 to 450 buyers eager to preview the property. In some cases buyers, who fly in from all over the planet, are allowed to make an offer on the property before the auction day (so called “pre-auction offer”). Such offer can be accepted, declined, or countered by the seller, depending on the price and motivation.

On the auction day, there are typically 10-50 buyers, who are ready, willing, and able (have certified funds) to compete to purchase the property. This is in stark contrast with traditionally marketed luxury listings, which typically generate much less interest and fewer, if any, buyers.

However, luxury auctions are not for every property and every seller. First of all, the property itself needs to qualify. Typically, the auction firm’s representative will preview the property to make sure that it meets certain criteria to be considered suitable for a luxury auction. Some of the criteria include: price point minimums, architectural design, location, condition, and the overall quality.

Secondly, the sellers need to qualify too as they need to be realistic about the value of their property. Auction is a terrific tool to sell a luxury home or estate, but it is not a “silver bullet” to sell grossly over-priced or over-encumbered properties. For instance, if the sellers want to sell their property for $5M, but the market value is around $2M, the auction is most likely not going to help.

Lastly, the seller must be committed to sell, because once the property is marketed and the auction properly executed, the odds are high that the property will actually sell. In fact, one luxury auctioning company boasts a success rate of 98%.

So, the luxury auctions are not suitable to just “test the market” as some sellers do with conventional real estate agents when they list their properties to see if there is any interest.

In conclusion, luxury property auctions can be a very effective tool in selling and buying upscale property. Luxury auctions that are marketed and implemented correctly sell properties with the highest market value, in a short time, with a success rate as high as 98%.

Important Questions Before Looking for Luxury Property

If you have just joined the market for people looking for luxury real estate, you may have various questions about the process, as well as about options that may be available to you. Even after you start narrowing down your potential choices, you might still worry about how unexpected the market is. With real estate volatility and the current economy in general, you might hesitate to buy any property, let alone luxury real estate. This article will give you the most know tips for buying luxury property.

Deciding When to Buy – Another important tip to keep in mind when buying a luxury property is the season in which you purchase it. Many luxury properties are set in pristine locations such as on beaches and along coastlines. While properties in these locations are likely to be more expensive than properties in regular locations, the time of the year in which the properties are purchased will significantly impact their prices. For example, if you plan to purchase luxury property in Florida, you will probably spend much more money if you try to buy the property during the summer months than if you try during the spring or fall months.

Deciding Where to Buy – When you begin to check out the property market for high homes, keep in mind that waterfront houses are likely to be the most expensive that you come across. Many people are fond of traveling around the world so they can take advantage of mansions, villas and estates with gorgeous views of pristine beaches. It is easy to see why such properties are so popular; being able to wake up each morning to a window overlooking a span of water is not something most people get to do. As a result, as you start you search keep your budget in mind when choosing a location.

Beyond properties that include views of the water, there are also luxury homes to consider that may not offer views of the water, yet are still situated on desirable real estate. Alternative locations may offer great deals because other people aren’t looking at them. For example, if you are attracted to cold weather yet also want a great sense of style and location, you might find what you are looking for if you relocate to Quebec.

Is Your Dream Home Worth the Price? – You should never sign a title to a property until you have had the property thoroughly inspected by a real estate appraiser with considerable experience in that particular kind of luxury property. The idea of not buying property without having it appraised first is common among people buying regular property they intend to live in, such as houses and condos that retail for well under the million dollar mark. However, this tip is easy to forget when purchasing luxury property.

The last tip that you should always consider when in the market to buy luxury property is to consider how likely the property is to appreciate or depreciate in time. This means thinking carefully about and researching the current economic and real estate conditions in the area where you intend to buy property, as well as future trends and economic forecasts. It’s very important to avoid wasting money on property that you will soon leave.

Luxury Villas in Bali – Unknown to Tourists

The beauty of Bali attracts a lot of attention from local and foreign tourists. No wonder the rapid growth of villas and hotels in Bali. Ranging from hotels to unique accommodations available all in Bali. But from so many inns, there are lots of good villas that are rarely known by tourists. This time, I want to share seven luxury villas in Bali that people rarely know. Maybe these villas can be a reference for your holiday accommodation.

Sharma Springs Bamboo – This villa is a real proof of sustainable building that was successfully implemented in Bali. The overall architecture and interior of the building is designed using materials from bamboo. In addition, staying here will be served with views of the beautiful forests and the Ayung river that can restore your aura. Really luxurious, unique and beautiful!

Sharma Springs Bamboo

Umah Tampih Villa – This villa was built on the edge of the Kedewatan hill with views of the rice fields and the Ayung River flow. This atmosphere will bring calm when you are on holiday in Bali. With architecture that combines modern industrial style and tropical Bali, coupled with a large private swimming pool, guaranteed to make you feel comfortable staying long here. You can also listen to the birds singing at any time while swimming in a private pool.

Umah Tampih Villa

Kayu Manis Villa – This villa is very popular with couples on their honeymoon. In addition to its hidden place on the edge of the Ayung river and surrounded by the fragrant Cinnamon forest, here you can enjoy a luxurious quality stay. Fragrant cinnamon forest will make the honeymoon atmosphere more romantic.

Kayu Manis Villa

Pererepan Villa – Pererepan Villa is one of the buildings in the Awang Awang Villa complex which has the most luxurious and coolest design in Bali. Applying the ideology of the Fibonacci golden triangle design which is a balanced measure for all creations in the universe, Pererepan Villa also carries a high value of sustainable buildings.

Pererepan Villa

Desa Atas Awan Villa – Desa Atas Awan Villa is a villa that is not very mainstream for most people. The location is in the small village of Munduk near Bedugul far from tourist centers such as Seminyak and Kuta. But if you want to enjoy the true beauty of Bali, you have to explore Bali to the very end! I guarantee you will be satisfied to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of the natural surroundings.

Desa Atas Awan Villa

How? After seeing the pictures above, do you want to vacation in Bali and try to stay in one of the villas above? If you are a connoisseur of holidays that presents the atmosphere of nature and beauty then you must come to Bali.