The Energy Performance Certificate for Homes in Belfast, Northern Ireland

The EPCs are a legal requirement for houses in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In this article, epc-belfast provide details about who needs the EPC where they can be sourced.

An Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC, shows the overall energy performance of a building. The EPC determines the rating of energy efficiency as well as carbon emissions of a structure based on a letter scale from A to G. A means that the building is very efficient while G means that the building is not efficient.

Any dwelling EPC report will contain two ratings; the rating based on the current status and the potential rating, giving the homeowners an idea of what they need to do in order to reach standards.

EPCs are required for houses marketed for sale, for rent or even real estate auctions.

What do the Energy Performance Certificates show?

When a building is constructed in Northern Ireland, several methods will be used to determine the amount of energy that will most likely be used and then compare it with other buildings with similar construction. The information gathered helps prospective buyers of the home, the owners of the home, tenants, and anyone else occupying the home to see if the home is energy efficient or not.

When a report is complete, it will include recommendations, if any, to ensure that the building is energy efficient. The report will also include information about the different ratings that a home owner may want to consider in order to meet EPC regulations.

When is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) required?

EPC requires a permit when a building is in the process of being constructed or for buildings that may already be constructed but is preparing to be listed on the market for rent or for sale. Certificates must also be included on all commercial properties as well. The report will need to be available to potential buyers as well as potential tenants as soon as they make an inquiry regarding the building or come by to view it. It is up to the seller or the agent representing the owner of the house to ensure this information is provided.

EPC Belfast: What the Law requires

Because the EPC is required with all dwellings, if a homeowner or building owner does not have this report, a penalty charge notice will be issued through the northern Ireland district councils.

An EPC is valid for ten years and it can be used repeatedly throughout that period. The EPC can only be issued by an accredited energy assessor that comes to the property and performs an assessment. Once the homeowner has received the EPC for their dwelling, a copy of the certificate is sent to a national registry as well.

What are the penalties for not having an EPC?

The penalty for not having an EPC can vary depending on several factors. You can read more about penalties at Energy Performance Certificate Penalties. Some examples of penalties include:

Property in Northern Ireland not providing an EPC or not having the EPC on display can be fined up to £200 for a dwelling and £500 to £5,000 for any other type of property

Failure to obtain and possess a valid DEC advisory report, the penalty is £1,000

Failure to obtain and possess an air conditioning system inspection could cost you a penalty of £300