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Immobilier – Saint Tropez

I have known the cream of the crop Immobilier in Saint Tropez from the mid 80s when I visited the place to survey buying property in St Tropez.

During my first visit to their office I was much impressed not only by their cordiality and prompt service but also by the ease of communication; they are multi lingual. I am a frequent visitor to the French Riviera because that happens to be our family’s most preferred holiday destination. All these years we have never even considered using multiple sources for our purpose,

But this time around the objective was rather different. I have always cherished the idea of owning a villa of our own on the French Riviera, preferably in Saint Tropez and what else but visit there and make inquires.

I am at the verge of retirement and I do expect a handsome retirement bonus. My family is in full agreement with me for making this investment. Expecting it to be a protracted undertaking I decided to call them right away; and so I did giving them all the details that they asked for. I also reminded them that the purchase was to be finalized after my retirement. They expressed their understanding and confirmed their plan to proceed accordingly. It was heartening news when they informed me that by the time I would be ready for the purchase a low in the cost level was highly probable.

Finally, about two weeks before the retirement I received a hefty and immaculately prepared plan from them including a guideline to proceed and a list of proposed properties not restricted to Saint Tropez but in Ramatuelle, Escalet, Gassin, Grimaud, and throughout the French Riviera. That was indicative of the mutual trust, which is extremely rare, especially in the real estate business.

Listed were modern and more traditional villas and a host of other choices with a range of facilities any one could only dream of. In fact the options were so numerous that I thought I needed help to sift through the plethora.

The family was so excited about a house, their own house on the Riviera; they couldn’t stop talking about it. Each had a plan of his or her own while there on the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean with crystal clear blue water and a lot of new things to do about which they could only dream while here. Some were already extending invitations to their friends to visit us during vacations

Finally the moment of departure was upon us. Every thing done or taken care of and we were off on an early vacation which of course included closing the deal on which we had been working.

The journey was not eventful. While all were busy thinking of the coming days, they did not seem interested in much else. As usual the chauffer was there with the sedan and we drove to our lodging. All was comfortable and cozy as usual.

The whole family voted in for a property in Saint Tropez on the seaside. Our Immobilier in Saint Tropez got immediately to work and with out any hassle the deal went through. We moved into our own house and the routine of setting up our home got under way.