Some Important Things Before Buying Immovable Property in Belize

Are you planning to build a dream home in one extraordinary place? If yes, then that place is Belize. This country provides many benefits to foreign investors in getting a house or land right. However, you need a lot of knowledge about the business of buying and selling real estate and property in Belize. The following are some simple and very important guidelines for anyone who wants to invest capital, especially in immovable property, namely land.

Buying land in Belize is a brilliant idea

Belize emerged as a country with high growth in the tourism industry in the world. This beautiful country stretches from islands and reefs in the Caribbean Sea to the rainforests of Central America. The wealth and natural beauty of Belize are able to attract tourists from all over the world; hundreds of thousands of tourists come every year to this country for vacation and property investment. The increase in the number of people who come to Belize clearly influences the increase in land values, more and more foreigners want to build their own homes. Buying land in Belize is a good idea because there is no capital gain tax. This means, if you buy land in Belize Secret Beach property and resell it at a higher price, you don’t have to pay taxes on the profits you get. This regulation is clearly very profitable, right?

Funds that need to be prepared for land in Belize

I think every land offered in Belize is a strategic property; all property in this country is profitable. To find out the latest land prices, you need to visit Belize Secret Beach property. However, as a discourse you may need to prepare $ 51,000 USD for a land area of 75 ft x 75 ft, $ 45,500 USD for a land area of 65 ft x 85 ft, $ 150,000 USD for a land area of 50 ft x 75 ft, and $ 35,000 USD for a land area of 60 ft x 75 ft. For those of you who are looking for maximum privacy, there are several islands for sale in Belize with prices ranging from $ 500,000 USD to $ 12,000,000 USD. This price could be more expensive or cheaper, most importantly contact the best property agent in Belize Secret Beach property.

Foreigners can own land in Belize

The good news for all investors and private buyers from outside of Belize is that the government is very welcoming of foreign investment, this means that all foreigners can invest their money in this tropical paradise, this regulation is clearly different from many countries in Central America and the Caribbean which limits land ownership rights. The Belizean government guarantees ownership rights to a land just like other Belizeans; you can buy land on behalf of individuals or corporations. So, please buy your land wherever you want in Belize, including if you want to buy beachfront land at Belize Secret Beach property.

Buying land in Belize is easy

With the support of the Belizean government regulations, the process of purchasing and ownership of land has become easier. The government will issue the title of the land after you go through several relatively easy processes and stages. Some of the processes include submission of bids, payment of deposits, title research, signing of purchase agreements, transfer of purchase price balances, etc.