Discover Luxury Living in Marbella

When contemplating on visiting yet another exotic vacation hot spot, the magnificent city of Marbella easily tops the list when it comes to the choice of fashionable tourist destinations all-year-round. Popularly known as the favorite playground of the affluent and influential personalities from all corners of the world, the city is specifically designed to cater to every whim and fancy of the extremely rich guests. This quaint seaside town has fully transformed into a flourishing cosmopolitan city that never fails to attract millions of tourists to make seasonal treks.

Quite naturally, when visiting Marbella, you can expect only the most lavish accommodations you can find, all designed to cater to the discerning taste of socialites, corporate magnates, sheiks, tycoons and kings. Wealthy tourists are known to display keen partiality to choosing Marbella luxury villas instead of opting to staying in 5-star hotels which do not actually offer much privacy and their preferred personalized service. Among the highly popular Marbella luxury property rentals are offered by Villazzo VillaHotels — the widely renowned expert when it comes to unrivaled luxury living. Villazzo operates a number of private luxury villas in among the highly exclusive addresses on the globe such as Paris, St. Tropez, Courchevel, Miami, Aspen and of course, Marbella.

For Marbella alone, Villazzo presents five exceptional Villahotels to choose from — all offering impeccable service, every-known amenity, and the unmatched privacy that you cannot find even in the plushest hotels. Most of the villas boast of five bedrooms, well-manicured gardens, stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, popular golf courses, as well as of the entire town. It also offers easy accessibility to other popular establishments and clubs should you decide to check out the social scene. VillaHotel El Cid is easily a standout, presenting an ideal place to entertain large number of guests with its own tennis court, putting green, three Jacuzzis, two swimming pools, and other innumerable luxuries — each ensuring a pleasurable stay designed to exceed your every expectation.

Other Villazzo Marbella Villahotels include Paraiso, Tropicana, Flamingo and Enola – all consistent in meeting the high level of standard and excellence that Villazzo has resolutely maintained through its years of operations. To have a better idea on what is in store for you in every Villazzo VillaHotel, be sure to visit their website,, and take a brief tour on the different luxurious accommodations available. For sure, the fabulous pictures alone are good enough to prompt you to book your next holiday destination right away.