Home Healthy – How To Make it?

Most people believe that the healthiest place in their city is their home. Yes, that is not necessarily true. Research shows that the air circulating in your home is not clean from harmful germs and viruses. The air you breathe in your home may contain dust and toxins which increase the risk of causing respiratory problems such as Asthma.

Most Homes use heating and cooling systems for different seasons of the year to achieve the desirable level of comfort. And we know comfort comes at a price, huge energy bills. And in order to bring down the energy consumption, most people normally keep their rooms air-tight. It certainly helps in reducing the bill but what it deprives you of is fresher air. We go to a lot of places like Malls, hospitals or public places wearing shoes and sandals.

Your footwear comes in contact with minute dust particles that carry harmful bacteria which are a potential threat to your health. The risk would be breathing issues. And if you enter your home with these on, then you are inviting problems. So it is important to leave your footwears outside your home.

Normally we apply dry cleaning on our garments and take them back soon. But here there is something that has to be noted. In the dry cleaning process, these clothes are soaked in strong chemicals which are very harmful. It is learnt that some of these chemicals contribute to neurological damage and cancer risks.

These chemicals come in contact with our bodies during breathing or might be transmitted onto our skin. Therefore it is very important to make sure that the garments are dry before taking them home. Also it is considered wise to use advanced, non-toxic, ecological dry cleaning techniques to safeguard ourselves.

Most importantly, proper ventilation is a must. It is essential to have fresh air circulating in your home. Keep the windows of your home all day and night, will result in you breathing stale air all the time. Smoke & fumes from the kitchen and steam from your shower will find a place inside your home, like on the wall causing molds to form. If you breathe them in, then you are sure to get sick.

Therefore, allow circulation to take place in & out of your house by keeping the windows open & allow these harmful elements to escape. Thus by keeping your home clean and fresh, you are keeping yourself healthy.