Luxury Villas in Bali – Unknown to Tourists

The beauty of Bali attracts a lot of attention from local and foreign tourists. No wonder the rapid growth of villas and hotels in Bali. Ranging from hotels to unique accommodations available all in Bali. But from so many inns, there are lots of good villas that are rarely known by tourists. This time, I want to share seven luxury villas in Bali that people rarely know. Maybe these villas can be a reference for your holiday accommodation.

Sharma Springs Bamboo – This villa is a real proof of sustainable building that was successfully implemented in Bali. The overall architecture and interior of the building is designed using materials from bamboo. In addition, staying here will be served with views of the beautiful forests and the Ayung river that can restore your aura. Really luxurious, unique and beautiful!

Sharma Springs Bamboo

Umah Tampih Villa – This villa was built on the edge of the Kedewatan hill with views of the rice fields and the Ayung River flow. This atmosphere will bring calm when you are on holiday in Bali. With architecture that combines modern industrial style and tropical Bali, coupled with a large private swimming pool, guaranteed to make you feel comfortable staying long here. You can also listen to the birds singing at any time while swimming in a private pool.

Umah Tampih Villa

Kayu Manis Villa – This villa is very popular with couples on their honeymoon. In addition to its hidden place on the edge of the Ayung river and surrounded by the fragrant Cinnamon forest, here you can enjoy a luxurious quality stay. Fragrant cinnamon forest will make the honeymoon atmosphere more romantic.

Kayu Manis Villa

Pererepan Villa – Pererepan Villa is one of the buildings in the Awang Awang Villa complex which has the most luxurious and coolest design in Bali. Applying the ideology of the Fibonacci golden triangle design which is a balanced measure for all creations in the universe, Pererepan Villa also carries a high value of sustainable buildings.

Pererepan Villa

Desa Atas Awan Villa – Desa Atas Awan Villa is a villa that is not very mainstream for most people. The location is in the small village of Munduk near Bedugul far from tourist centers such as Seminyak and Kuta. But if you want to enjoy the true beauty of Bali, you have to explore Bali to the very end! I guarantee you will be satisfied to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of the natural surroundings.

Desa Atas Awan Villa

How? After seeing the pictures above, do you want to vacation in Bali and try to stay in one of the villas above? If you are a connoisseur of holidays that presents the atmosphere of nature and beauty then you must come to Bali.

About Hard Money Lenders

Many novice investors are curious about hard money lenders. There are many questions that arise like Who are they? What is that? How do I get it? Was this helpful? Let me share with you some basic principles about hard money lenders. First, let’s determine what the term “hard money” means. When money is discussed between investors, it is considered “soft” or “hard”.

Usually soft money is easier to qualify for and flexible requirements. Hard money, on the other hand, is just the opposite. That’s much tighter. Not that it’s more difficult to get, but the requirements are very specific and far more stringent. They must, because most of the hard money comes from private individuals with lots of money in hand. This is why hard money is also referred to as “personal money”. The money is used for investment purposes coming from people, just like you and me, not a typical lending institution. So their first priority is protecting their investment capital.

It is a good idea to know what the requirements are when dealing with hard money lending so you can find one that suits your needs. Usually they will only lend you up to 70% of the value of a decent home in repaired conditions. So if you find a house worth $ 45,000 in such conditions, and need $ 20,000 in repair work, and after repairing the current fair market value is worth $ 100,000, then they can usually lend you up to $ 70,000.

Another thing you will encounter is high interest rates. Interest rates vary from 12% – 20% every year and the period can last for 6 months to several years. This rate varies depending on your credit score and experience. In most cases, there will be closing costs or fees for using hard money. Hard money lenders will usually charge from 2-10 points. One point is equal to one percent of the mortgage amount. So charging 1 point with a $ 100,000 loan is $ 1000. These are all important things to consider when choosing a hard money lender.

Many hard money lenders today will also ask you to fill out credit applications that may require you a tax return, the latest payment deductions, and bank statements. Once again, it’s all about protecting their assets. However, some like the old fashion way where they only care about the deal so they drive or see the property physically.

Finance for Property

There are many conditions where you have to look for property finance quickly. This might be your first home purchase or investment property, or maybe you have found unique opportunities to expand your portfolio, but you must act quickly. Although there are many major lenders who can provide property financing, in many cases the approval time is long and the opportunity to make a purchase may be lost when the finances are agreed.

I will make two alternative suggestions for you to get property financing fast. In general, this advanced option of fast property financing is more suitable for experienced property investors who have additional securities and have bought and sold property in the past.

Choosing Boutique Lenders – A boutique lender is the right choice for getting fast property financing. Boutique lenders are generally flexible enough to tailor solutions to your exact needs and they have a very quick turnaround time to start your project. Because you deal with lenders directly, rather than through a broker, you will have direct access to ask questions and you will cut additional administration. Finding a good boutique lender can be a challenge, so it’s best to ask your coworkers and mentors to recommend someone. It also pays off to choose boutique lenders who have extensive experience in development funding and who know your area well.

Short-term Funding or Bridging Finance – Short-term funding may be a good choice for getting fast property financing. In such circumstances, your short-term finances will act like a temporary loan, allowing you to get funds quickly and take advantage of the opportunities that exist. You can then refinance with the main lender later, when time is no longer an urgent issue. Short-term financing options are usually offered by boutique lenders that are flexible and can provide quick turnaround. The amount usually ranges from $ 10,000 to $ 2 million.

Luxury Real Estate is Different from Other Properties

Most of the world economy is prosperous today, as is the niche of the luxury real estate market. Luxury real estate is one segment of the world that has shown a fast rising trend in its development. This market aims for the richest economic groups in the world.

Luxury real estate differs from place to place. The value of this property also depends on the location of the property. If your property is located on the beach with sea views at the forefront then your property will be classified as luxury real estate even though the property is not too large. Location, views, and facilities provided will be a valuable variable to enhance the prestige of your home.

Many homes worth more than one million dollars are referred to as luxury real estate. All properties that have high value in terms of dollar amounts are included in the category of luxury real estate. This property can be a large plot of land or a house of one thousand square feet. Value depends largely on the location of the property, facilities offered at the house or condominium, proximity to public facilities such as hospitals, malls, golf courses, highways, and other important facilities.

Difference between luxury real estate and general real estate – Public real estate prices are cheaper than luxury real estate. The cost of one luxury home might have the capacity to buy two, three or four houses at an average price. Involved clients and real estate agents differ from properties at median prices. When buying luxury real estate, the property buying process takes longer than normal real estate in some cases. This is an expensive decision and requires a lot of thought before a purchase is made.

Marketing differences in general and luxury real estate – Marketing of most homes for sale in the local market where clients can buy and live. The target market for luxury real estate may not be local residents at all. Property marketing is carried out nationally and internationally. The media used is also different and more expensive than local media. Agents have more responsibility when selling luxury properties. In many cases, lawyers, guardians, inspections, open houses, professional photography, brochures, and presentations are involved with luxury homes and condos.

Types of luxury real estate – There are various types of luxury real estate. The houses are located near the golf course for example. This is a private home and part of a small community of higher society. There are various real estate agents who can help you find the best home on the golf course. You can then enjoy playing golf right in your own backyard or yard.

Houses located on the waterfront such as private beaches or lakes are also included in the list. One can always enjoy swimming in your private lake or take a walk along the beach directly from your backyard. Fishing and boating may be other activities that also interest you without the hassle of traveling.

The historic area also offers luxury properties. This luxury home is often furnished in an old-fashioned style and offers a classic architectural style. Most of them are gracefully built, with beautiful walks with tree canopies along the edge of the road.

Village houses are accompanied by large flower fields or open spaces are also available for prosperous home seekers. You can enjoy the barn with horses or even farm with cattle. Every detail every minute of a country house is made to match the desired quality.

Special features of luxury real estate – You will enjoy the comfort and pleasure of a king in many types of luxury homes such as, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, garden, and own beautiful swimming pool. Most homes have modern facilities, so it’s not surprising that they are very expensive.

How to Buy Luxury Real Estate

Like buying a house in general, there are a number of things to think about and consider before putting money on luxury property. Luxury real estate is usually a house or property that is in the upper class and outside the other average options available in the market.

Some luxury properties may come with very large houses, lots of land around it, indoor or outdoor swimming pools, or access to private land on the beach or other open areas. Whatever your plans for this space, you will certainly have enough room to grow, roam, and live in person.

If you see a luxury property in a certain location, see if there are foreclosures in the vicinity. The downturn in the housing market has hit many people, and you might find foreclosed homes that will be a better deal than other luxury real estate properties.

Doing research on the local housing market that you want to buy property for is a good way to determine what is the best you can get from real estate. High levels of foreclosure in some locations can depress the value of nearby home properties, so make sure you need to sell luxury properties or maintain them.

Another tip before buying is to ensure profitable interest rates. Usually a good interest rate is below 4.2% depending on where you live and the state of the local housing market.

If you are considering buying a large plot of land and building your own customized luxury home, look at real estate outside the main metropolitan area and consult with an architect who knows the estimated details of construction costs. Building on the boundaries of major metropolitan areas may seem like a good idea, but building away from cities will give you greater freedom to build your dream home in addition to being cheaper.

Luxury property and real estate can be exaggerated in advertisements and real estate agent descriptions, so be sure to see for yourself whether the property that you think you really buy is what you want.